Q/A Ruethless Irons Machines


Thank your your intrest in my hand built machines each machine is built by hand here in Houston Tx here are some commonly asked questions and the answers ?

Q: Do i need a fromet for my Phazer, Zed, Cricket Rotary ?

A: No you do not these machine's were designed to have needle or push bar press fit on grommet pin gromets create torque resitance 

Q: Do I need to lube the machine ?

A: No the machines are built to be lube free 

Q: I recived my machine with a rubber ring  what is that for ?

A:  With the rotaries I build I try to think of everything a elastic rubber band equales t torque resitance so the O-ring is to take place of the elastic rubber band 

Q: What is the diffrence in Ready To Go and Custom machines ?

A: Ready to go are pre built and just that they just as in the picture and once sold no longer availble. Custom are when you purchase you choose color you choose RCA or clip cord option , Cam size if they are availble 

Q: How long i sthe wait on a Custom Machine ?

A: Depends on a couple of factors machines are built to order. So if there are orders ahead of you you are in line I build the machines myself one by one so somtimes it could be a very quick turn around somtimes ther could be a wait 

Q: I sent you a D.M. and I didnt get a response 

A: IM sorry if you send a D.M. and do not get response. I'm a small company and I'm a tattoo artist D.M. is not a good way to contact email is the prefred way to contact unfourtanatly D.M. get lost or i cant rember your screen name and trying to keep track becomes dificult this is the email adress to email 


Q: I bought the machine from another artist or coworker it doesnt seem to run right is ther a warranty ?

A: The machine is under warranty due to natural wear and tear for the original buyer only. Motors on all rotaries are warantied for 1 year of orignial purchase date

Q: Can I buy a machine and if i dont like it return it ?

A: No I'm sorry all sales are final there are no returns.  Machines that are sold are your's now. I dont do retuns much like a tattoo you cant reurn that either 

Q: I recived tracking info but it hasnt been updated whats going on ?

A: I'm just the builder I'm not the post office or DHL . Please remeber that when contacting me. I undertsand being fustrated and wanting what you pay for. But with that being said I'm not in control once I hand over the pkg. But i do insure every pkg so if anything is occur you are still getting a machine 

Q: Im in Houston can i just come to your shop and pick up a machine or drop off one for repair ?

A: To be honest i wish you could but it is alot for one person to keep track of. It is best to contact via website if purcahsing or via email. If you need repair please let me know contact me and let mne know you are sending it so I cand keep a eye for it 

Q: I sent a machine for repair when will i get it back ?

A: I try my best to get your tool back ASAP. But just as with custom machines things are built in the order the come in